What is a "Twinium" number?
Put simply, a Twinium number is the numerical description of how similar two people are. A positive Twinium means two people are more similar than the average pairing, and the higher the Twinium number, the more extraordinary the similarity.

How is each Twinium number calculated?
Our algorithms draw upon data derived from each twin's answers to a a series of personality trait-oriented questions, and compare answers between each pair of twins in relation to the way in which the entire Twin Network has answered the same questions. The resultant similarity is expressed as a simple value: zero for the most two people who are of average similarity, a positive number for twins who are more similar than average, and a negative number for anti-twins who are more dissimilar than they are similar.

Does my Twinium number with another Twin change over time?
Yes it can and, most likely will. A change to either twins' answers to the questions will naturally trigger a change in the Twinium number. As new Twins join the Twinium network, the relationships between all pairings will change, and Twinium values along with them.

Does the number of Twinium Questions I answer have an impact on my Twinium score?
Absolutely. Unanswered questions drag raw scores towards the average, and cause Twinium scores to tend toward zero. Thus, the more questions answered, the better the chances of discovering exceptionally similar twins. Answering Twinium questions is quick, easy and hardly taxing, so we encourage you to answer the questions at your earliest convenience.