About Us

Twinium is a web-based software application enables users to create, monitor and interact with a global network of people with similar personality traits to themselves, people who we call ‘twins’, whilst also enabling each user to tap into this network of ‘twins’ to help them make decisions on what to do in any specific location, be it in a neighbourhood of their home town, or a business trip or vacation half way around the world.
When I visit – or am planning to visit - a new place and am looking for things to do, or even if I am simply looking for a new slant – “what’s fresh?” – on what to do in my own home town, what is the best resource available to help me make that decision? Simple. People who share common personality characteristics, likes & dislikes as me; my “twins”.

Why do we believe that the Twinium concept is valuable?

A growing frustration with the prevalence of the WWW is the enormous amount of information you have to trawl through to make an informed decision on how to best spend your time – be it for personal or business purposes. For example, if you are visiting a city – say Montreal – and plan to head out for dinner, and read a Restaurant Ranking or Review and it appears favourable, how do you know that the folks who made the ranking like the things that you do? In other words, how do you know the ranking/review is relevant to you? We believe that Twinium is the element that acts as a “relevance filter” to optimise your social networks and online experiences.
Twinium is based in Montreal.