So, the new adventure begins.

A couple of throwaway comments – delivered within a relatively short space of time – laid the foundation for what, we hope, will become a valuable ‘relevance filter’ for social networking activities.

Wherever we look these days, we are being told that time – particularly leisure time – is one of the most valuable commodities we possess. It seems a shame, then, that many of the online resources at our disposal – meant to help us determine what to do with our time – in fact do little more than cause us to lose valuable leisure time.

We believe that there is something missing from our social networking activities; namely the ability to draw upon the experience, knowledge and repertoires of people that we may not know.  This ‘missing element’  – that we are calling Twinium – adds a new dimension to how we can make more relevant decisions on a host of topics; from booking a vacation to simply figuring out what to do for dinner on any given evening.

The established web 2.0 “friends and followers” paradigm works up to a point, but the question we have repeatedly asked ourselves is “does it go far enough?” Whichever way we analyzed the question, we kept returning to the answer “no it doesn’t”. In essence, Twinium creates a bridge between the concepts of Social Maps and Taste Maps by referencing the experiences of people like you, even though there is a good chance you may not know them.

We are excited about Twinium, and are looking forward to sharing our roadmap with you.

Remember, when you are one in a million, there are nearly 7 thousand people out there just like you. Strangers? Maybe.   Relevant? Certainly.